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"We like to think that our architecture has both a soul and a conscience. The ‘soul’ is found in the spirit of the design and the craft of construction. The ‘conscience' is represented by the manner in which our modern buildings embody a positive union between natural and built environment, and demonstrate a rigorous commitment to green, sustainable architecture.”

As modern architects, we also embrace the spirit of regionalism. We believe every structure, regardless of size or budget, should be specific to its place to its natural geography, climate and culture. So we make every effort to use materials responsive to particular climates and settings the sticks and stones of a region so that even the most modern, cutting-edge architecture maintains a strong sense of place specific its landscape, client, and region.

At Buildtech, every building and every site is as individual as its client. And we firmly believe that the best buildings grow from the individual needs of the client, if only we take time to listen.

So as we create sustainable architecture, we also carefully listen to our clients to all

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